Master of Science Degree graduate in Speech-Language Pathology since 1997, Torsten, pronounced Taustin, has worked in a variety of venues ranging from the hospital setting for the acute patient to group homes for the developmentally disabled. Torsten has also devoted much of his time to long-term care and assisted living settings where he has focused primarily on dysphagia, cognitive, and aphasia therapy. He has also served as the Director of Speech Therapy in the past before starting his own practice. 

He is currently the president and owner of Brain Function Optimization, LLC and considers himself to be both a cognitive linguistic and speech/language therapist for those with traumatic brain injuries, mild to moderate cognitive impairments and mild dementia. He provides standardized testing and evidence-based treatment approaches for this population. As he has been a practicing clinician for over 20 years now, he expresses his confidence with developing training programs related to optimizing an individual’s performance. Although methodology like his peers are utilized, he has developed updated versions of memory techniques which are deemed both flexible and highly functional for daily living. 

Licenses and Certifications include: 

Better Business Bureau Accredited

American Speech Language and Hearing Association, Certificate of Clinical Competence, National License

Colorado Speech Language and Hearing Association, State License

Dementia Care Specialist Certification

National Center for Stuttering for both childhood and acquired disfluencies

Professional Alliances:

Uptown Brain Injury and Pain Management in Denver, Colorado.

Advanced Neurological Evaluation and Treatment Centers in Denver, Colorado

Brain Injury Alliance in Denver, Colorado

Injury Rehabilitation Specialists in Aurora, Colorado

Community Involvement: 

Channel 9 News participant for cognitive screening since 2014.

Supervisor of 3 Speech Language and Cognitive Linguistic Students at different locations.

Provided my own version of cognitive screenings for those suffering from cognitive decline

Presenter to the public in over 10 venues with regards to the specifics of cognitive deficits and worthwhile treatment approaches.

Booth exhibitor.

Former Columnist for 50 Plus Market Place called “Train Your Brain.”

Groups and Societies Participation

Restorative Procedures in NeuroRehabilitation



Friends of Sharp Brains

Functional Neuroplasticity

Healthcare Executives and Innovations in Healthcare