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Cognitive Enhancement Training (Memory, Problem Solving, Processing Speed, Attention Span, Speech/Language, and IQ). Proud member of The Better Business Bureau, American & Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Associations.


Why you should train:

  • Even if a super drug comes along, researchers neglect to tell the public that they still need to exercise their brains. It would be like a weightlifter taking high protein shakes and not working out.
  • New synapses form as you learn, and existing synapses will become stronger, which creates more efficient connections.
  • Cognitive training causes the brain to turn on and increase cortical activity in MORE brain areas and will, in turn, pump up production of neurotrophins in the brain in the right places and in the right amounts, which is like a brain fertilizer.
  • Routines are brain deadening. Studies confirm this. My training will resolve that.
  • Neurons that fire together wire together. That is why my treatment utilizes such a wide array of approaches to optimize cognition by utilizing as many senses and tasks as possible. Each memory is represented in many cortical areas. The stronger and the richer the associations in the brain are, the more protected it is against loss in one area. Therefore, the better the odds you will have to retrieve the wanted information. The larger your safety net, the more adept you will be at meeting challenges and to coming to logical solutions.
  • Not only is the concept of “use it or lose it” essential in cognitive training, but so is the concept of gradual, interesting and incremental training that promotes neural plasticity and lasting positive change in the brain.

What can happen if you don’t train:

  • If you aren't practicing, you are declining. This goes for everyone.
  • Like our bodies, we must keep our minds in shape. If we don’t, then our reliability, agility, and flexibility gradually declines, and then the ability to do simple things will eventually be lost as well.
  • The average adult knows 30k words. The average elderly person knows 10k.
  • It is crucial to keep your mind in top shape. If not, the person is slowly fading, and it’s not just the cognitive aspect, but also the personality.
  • If your current cognitive routine is mundane, then it does not release these neurotransmitters. And this turns off the plasticity.
  • By seeking comfort in what we are doing will actually hurt us. Acquiring new skills is important.

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Torsten C. Jess M.S.CCC-SLP – Owner
Cognitive Enhancement Specialist

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Mission Statement

To increase an individual’s cognitive ability in the areas of memory, problem solving, processing speed, attention span, speech and language ability and IQ to promote independence, safety, and quality of life for those who are suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury or slight to moderate cognitive decline. And in turn, to devote a growing number of proceeds to those who are the most innocent and vulnerable…the children.

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