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Cognitive Enhancement Training (Memory, Problem Solving, Processing Speed, Attention Span, Speech/Language, and IQ). Proud member of The Better Business Bureau, American & Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Associations.

  • Don’t be worried about your performance. We start off easy and will gradually build up to more challenging material.
  • Think of the times you have been successful, and let’s build on that to achieve gains.
  • You have to push yourself cognitively. Dancing the old dances won’t do it.
  • It’s not so much about being old; it’s about being a better older person.
  • The machine that controls our learning and memory also controls our verve, meaning our brightness and spark.
  • You will be surprised how much returns and so, too, will your independence and yourself. But it has to be the right type of training.
  • It is a disservice to society to not be engaged. Your family, friends, and community need you!
  • Training is not just for people who have problems, but for everyone. I train almost every day.
  • You have the potential to grow again.
  • Yes, the brain is an organ and not a muscle, but it can still benefit from training.
  • Today, people over the age of 65 rule the country. The most outstanding senators, CEOs, and doctors have both knowledge and wisdom that is needed. But they are, indeed, processing slower than they once were. Contrary to the belief that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, you can. It just takes longer.
  • Lifestyle choices have a major impact on the quality of your life, and I will share with you much of the latest information on this.
  • Brain Function Optimization, LLC assures you the right type of training will be pursued to receive the benefits listed. Now, let’s get to work!

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Torsten C. Jess M.S.CCC-SLP – Owner
Cognitive Enhancement Specialist

Office Number: (303) 658-9868
Cell Number: (303) 522-9685
Fax Number: (303) 997-2125

Mission Statement

To increase an individual’s cognitive ability in the areas of memory, problem solving, processing speed, attention span, speech and language ability and IQ to promote independence, safety, and quality of life for those who are suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury or slight to moderate cognitive decline. And in turn, to devote a growing number of proceeds to those who are the most innocent and vulnerable…the children.

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