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Cognitive Enhancement Training (Memory, Problem Solving, Processing Speed, Attention Span, Speech/Language, and IQ). Proud member of The Better Business Bureau, American & Colorado Speech-Language-Hearing Associations.


The science and rationale of cognitive training for those with age associated memory loss or mild to moderate cognitive impairment who want to improve their memory, problem solving, attention, speed of processing, and IQ - Specific:

  1. Novel AND multi-sensory training presented in an incremental manner helps release Neurotrophins (Dopamine = sense of wellbeing, Adrenaline = alertness, Acetylcholine = feeling of brightness and engagement and Epinephrine) which are like brain nutrients to the brain.

    Study: Washington University used functional brain imaging when subjects were asked to come up with verbs that go with a list of new nouns. When first presented with the new list, large areas were lit up in the cortex and in several distinct areas. However, after 15 minutes when tasks became routine activity decreased and went to baseline. So, repeated activity causes decreased activity in the brain.

    BFO Treatment: Utilizes a vast number of exercises and training methods to make training novel and fun to combat this.

  2. Cognitive training promotes health of nerve cells/synapses/connections.

    Study: Gerard Kemperman in 1990 showed that adult mice playing in colorful and enriched caged boxes formed new neurons and synapses in the hippocampus compared to mice in boring caged boxes. Learning more in a new environment was associated with new cells and synapses in the brains.

    BFO Treatment: Also promotes such nerve cell action in that a variety of exercises are utilized.

  3. Cognitive training encourages the spurting of new OR longer dendrites.

    Study: Stephen Buell, Dorothy Flood, Paul Coleman MD at The University of Rochester (NY) found that the actual number of cells really don’t change that much. Instead, it is more of a thinning out of the dendrites. And they found that neurons in the hippocampi actually grew longer dendrites. Yet, those with Alzheimer’s, this did not occur. But it would appear that neurons can be grown late in life.

    BFO Treatment: Precision cognitive training will challenge you to the point that you will make gains.

  4. Cognitive training encourages new nerve cell growth.

    Study: In 1998, American and Swedish scientists demonstrated, for the first time, that new cells do occur/generate in adult brains.

    Study: Dr. Fred Gage of Sulk Institute in Sweden also found this in the hippocampus in five patients.

    Study: Marion Diamond did a study on terminal cancer patients and found that new neurons took up the blue dye injected in other neurons which indicates that new neurons do grow.

    BFO Treatment: With the combination of precision cognitive training coupled with diet and exercise, the chances of new nerve cell growth will grow exponentially.

  5. Cognitive training can increase the thickness of myelin sheath for faster processing speed.

    Study: Colcombe and Kramer (2003) reported the results of an 18-Study Meta Analyses on the effects of exercise on cognition. They found that on average that exercise programs lead to increase IQ of 100 to 108.

    Study: That by adding neurotropics to neurons can increase the size of neurons. This doubling of growth can add mental horse power to you. But the key is that the neurons have to be used or they will once again atrophy. So, inactivity leads to decline.

    Study: Funded by the National Institute of Healing found that cognitive training can counteract 14 years of age related cognitive decline.

    BFO Treatment: Therefore, with the right type of training, you will develop additional pathways to come to a logical solution and to meet day-to-day challenges.

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Mission Statement

To increase an individual’s cognitive ability in the areas of memory, problem solving, processing speed, attention span, speech and language ability and IQ to promote independence, safety, and quality of life for those who are suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury or slight to moderate cognitive decline. And in turn, to devote a growing number of proceeds to those who are the most innocent and vulnerable…the children.

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