Speech and Language Deficits

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Speech and Language deficits involve interpretation of the spoken message, verbal expression as well as reading and writing. Difficulty with such is called aphasia and is summarized as being the loss of or decreased ability to speak or understand verbalized or written language due to an injury to the brain.

Dysarthria tendencies which are characterized as a disorder caused by a nerve defect with the result being decreased muscle control. When the articulators are compromised in this fashion, a slurring of speech may be evident.

Apraxia may also be present with the individual having difficulty with volitional articulator movements which assist in speech. In other words, these individual have difficulty finding the location of the exact position to place the articulators in order to make a certain sound.

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To increase an individual’s cognitive ability in the areas of memory, problem solving, processing speed, attention span, speech and language ability and IQ to promote independence, safety, and quality of life for those who are suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury or slight to moderate cognitive decline. And in turn, to devote a growing number of proceeds to those who are the most innocent and vulnerable…the children.

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